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Rocca di Angera

Rocca di Angera, of which the defensive structure dates back to the time of Romans and Longobards, does not exhibit the typical characteristic of that age, in fact it’s walls date back to the 12th and 13th century. During the battles between Torriani and Visconti families, it has been modified several time. In 1277, after the victory in the battle of Desio, the land came back to archbishop of Milan, of the Visconti’s family. In 1499 has been given to the Borromeo’s family, that still owns it until today. From the summit of the tower, you can enjoy a landscape panorama of rare beauty. The “hall of justice” has a relevant role in the Italian painting of early 14th century, which often illustrates the accomplishments of the archbishop Ottone Visconti, and is possible to date, from 1314, a distinction between late Byzantine and Gothic art.

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